The Ugly Truth Behind All Those Fun Gambling Ads

by Jack O’Donnell A Growing Problem There are numerous studies that show a direct correlation between increased exposure to gambling advertising and problem gambling. In 2021 online sports betting companies spent $725 million on ads, an increase from $292 million a year ago. With 18 new states legalizing sports betting just prior to the NFL … Read more

“I attended 70+ meetings over 2 years on America’s addiction and opioid crisis, not a single question on the biggest killer, alcohol!”

by Jack O’Donnell As the CEO of C4 Recovery Foundation, a non-profit organization, who’s core mission for the past 33 years has been to improve access to quality and ethical treatment services for addiction, behavioral health, and social wellness, I have answered many questions regarding the opioid crisis, which is gripping the country, killing individuals … Read more