The work we’ve done.

Substance Abuse Recovery Program in New Jersey

In 1998, C4 assisted the state of New Jersey in developing and implementing a substance abuse initiative that would go on to treat over one hundred and fifteen thousand people in its 30+ years and counting. This program is known as the WorkFirst New Jersey Substance Abuse Initiative (SAI). The New Jersey SAI was the result of five-plus years of effort by C4’s predecessor, COB. Beginning in 1986, COB convened dozens of meetings of many stakeholders in addiction treatment at the time. These included payers, insurance, Managed Care Organization companies on the reimbursement side; clinicians, researchers, and actuaries on the service side; and user groups, advocacy groups, unions, and EPAs on the consumer side, to develop innovative systems of care. Learn more about this on-going program on episode 1 of C4’s Podcast.

National Treatment Agency in the UK

Public sector treatment programs have three main steps: service commissioning, service purchasing, and service delivery. When these steps are each controlled by disparate bodies, it muddles the system, making it harder for people to get help. This was the situation in the United Kingdom in the late 1990s before C4 stepped in to design and implement a centralized coordinating body, the National Treatment Agency from 1999 to 2002. The main issue was whether such a big new investment would be spent efficiently. Learn more about this program on episode 2 of C4’s Podcast.

Turkey Recovery Program

Through an extensive discovery and research program, C4 partnered with two separate municipalities (selected for lack of formal treatment infrastructure / resources) in Istanbul, Turkey to develop and launch patient-informed, practice based sustainable continuums of recovery services driven by proximal and long-term clinical outcomes. The two systems were launched in 2014 and currently employ over 20 employees and have treated over thousands of individuals and their families. C4 currently subsidizes and provides ongoing management and training support services for these treatment systems.

One of the most important facets of the program is the recognition that recovery is more closely related to life skills and community than clinical theory and practice. Although clinical protocols may be employed as driven by individual client need, what does sustained recovery in real life services such as employment, housing, transportation, childcare, etc. that meet the clients’ needs look like? In this program the client is not merely the individual but is also a part of the family and the entire community. Rather than deploying a rigid level of care the program, C4 represents a continuum of care driven by actual client need. Learn more about this program on episode 3 of C4’s Podcast.