C4 Consulting:

Empowering providers through expert collaboration.

C4 Recovery Foundation focuses on policy, advocacy, and system design while our C4 Consulting division works with organizations in a more hands-on approach helping leadership with operational, programmatic and financial progress.  

C4 Consulting is comprised of a dedicated team of experienced professionals focused on securing the missions and advancing the visions of behavioral health organizations. C4 Consulting collaborates with clients to establish and improve financial performance, enhance competitive positions and to create the highest quality market positions in organizational services. The work allows for C4 Consulting clients to achieve a healthy alignment surrounding productive staff, management, and the ever-shifting stakeholder environment.

C4 Consulting leverages the talent of the most successful professionals available in behavioral health management, addiction, and mental health treatment. The company has earned reputation as forward-thinking collaborative partners helps to swiftly identify, address, and resolve the specific challenges of an organizations’ ecosystem.

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