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George Baston

Board Member

George Baston is a proven change agent with over 15 years’ experience in all aspects of technology assisted workforce development services to the behavioral health workforce. Prior experiences include the provision of learning management systems to a variety of federal entities, state agencies, universities, provider associations and community-based agencies in the behavioral health services continuum. He has extensive expertise working with subject matter experts in behavioral health field to cost effectively instructionally design, develop and deploy existing face to face training and master’s level courses for deployment in learning management systems. His dissertation study involved 106 community based behavioral health administrators and compared their capacity to participate in distance learning to 230 direct services staff. The findings of this study provided valuable insight into instructional design considerations for effectively delivering technology assisted competency-based training for two distinct targeted audiences, comprising the behavioral health workforce. George is highly motivated to continue research that furthers knowledge and best practices in the delivery of competency-based technology enhanced workforce development to the behavioral health workforce.